An Intro To Chronic Degenerative Disease – Physician Education Series -Available in Blu-ray only



This HOPE Wellness Center Physician Education Series disc contains lectures, talks from industry leading doctors, educators and speakers, including: Steven W. Hines, Naturopath, CTTH (Hope Wellness Center), Dr. Paul G. Wilke, DDS (Wilke Dental), Shelia Hemphill (Help Yourself Wellness Shop), Coleman Hemphill (Catalyst Solutions), and Dr. Johnny R. Stanley, DDS Dr. Logan H. Stanley, DDS (Stanley Dental) and Dr. Donald Dennis, MD. FACS (Sinusitis Wellness)

Disc 1 Includes :

Session 1 – Intro To Degenerative Disease
Session 2 – Infection – Part 1
Session 3 – Infection – Part 2 (Herxheimer Reaction)
Session 4 – Nutrition And Gastrointestinal Issues
Session 5 – Detoxification (Functional Testing)
Session 6 – Natural Hormone Repair

Disc 2 Includes :
Session 7 – Thyroid Challenge (Evaluation & Mgmt)
Session 8 – Beneficial And Harmful Effects of Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMF)
Session 9 – Biologic Dentistry
Session 10 – Dentistry And Systematic Health: An Integrative Approach
Session 11 – Mycotoxicosis Treatment

Becoming Empowered with Chronic Degenerative Disease

By way of explanation, I want to share an excerpt from my seminar in Del Rio, Texas on digestion. “Conventionally trained physicians are trained in all of the “ologies,” gastroenterology, neurology, pulmonology, cardiology, etc. They are taught body systems, chemistry structure and function with the ultimate end to find out what prescription they can give you to take care of your symptoms. Now in Naturopathic medicine, we have an entirely different perspective. We are not so concerned with treating symptoms because to a Naturopath, the symptoms to us are like detectives needing evidence. Symptoms help us figure out what really is causing the problem.”

For more information from Steve Hines about Chronic Degenerative Disease

Learn to Treat Yourself With Steve Hines

Historically any number of infectious bacteria have been known to induce RA symptoms. Mycoplasma, Lyme disease, Chlamydia, Pneumonii, Babesia and Beta Strep are just a few of the most common. Certain foods have also been known to induce RA symptoms.

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