Today, I am sharing with you some valuable information regarding chronic illnesses and how you can overcome them through nutrition. A chronic illness is a long-term medical condition that generally progresses over time. Some examples of chronic illness are respiratory problems, heart disease, stroke, cancer, arthritis and diabetes, among others. At present, chronic illnesses are the leading cause of death and disability in the US.

Since they cannot be prevented or cured by vaccines or medicines, chronic illnesses continue to be a cause of concern for hundreds of thousands of patients across the country. Not only do you have to adjust to the demands of the illness, but also face additional stresses. After all, chronic illness changes how you feel about your body, your relationships, and the way you relate to others. Most chronic illnesses persist throughout a person’s life, causing lack of self-esteem and frustration.

Chronic-IllnessHowever, there is a way for you to live well (and healthily) with chronic illness or prevent it and that is through proper diet and nutrition. Yes, what you eat can harm your health, or keep your immune system so overwhelmed that it cannot fight to keep your body healthy. Keeping this in mind, I would like to share an excerpt from a book I co-authored, “The Road to Health: Overcoming Chronic Illness through Nutrition” to help you better understand this.

Given the choice between eating real food and gnawing on a plastic bottle, you wouldn’t choose the plastic bottle. Yet, every day people choose to eat margarine, which shares its molecular structure with plastic. And if I gave you the choice between food that would bring you health and food that contained ingredients which would kill your brain neurons within minutes of ingesting it, I assume that you would choose to preserve your neurons.

Yet people daily choose to eat foods containing the flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate (MSG). And daily they kill their brain. If given the choice between eating a food that feeds unhealthy bacteria colonies in your body and taking food away from the harmful offender, which would you choose? To eat sugar or to not eat sugar? And what if I told you that every time you eat a food that you are allergic to, your intestines become inflamed to the point that your body cannot defend itself against deadly diseases? Would you eat that food anyway?

The good news, though, is we can choose what we eat and that’s exactly what the book is all about: helping you to make healthy food choices that will support your well-being and recovery. There are delicious recipes for main courses, sides and desserts, as well as a proven two-week meal plan that you can follow. If you want to take advantage of this information and be free from chronic illness, my book is available for purchase at:

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Discover How to Overcome Chronic Illness through Nutrition
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Discover How to Overcome Chronic Illness through Nutrition
Chronic illnesses continue to be a cause of concern for hundreds of thousands of patients across the country. Overcome Chronic Illness through Nutrition and live a healthier life.