Once again, I have some useful information I would like to share with you with regards to digestive disorders, one of the most debilitating, frustrating and not to mention, expensive health complaints in the US today.  When it comes to digestive problems, we often tend to talk about two things: the stomach, and of course our bowel movements.

Either you are unable to go often or it’s just a rumble in your stomach, but the fact of the matter is our digestive system encompasses a lot more. The digestive system is also sometimes referred to as the gastrointestinal system, but neither of the names fully describes the system’s components and functions.

Our digestive system extends from the mouth all the way to the anus. It’s responsible for receiving food, breaking it down into smaller nutrients, absorbing those nutrients into the bloodstream, and ultimately, eliminating the waste of what we eat from our body. Since digestive disorders can occur anywhere, from the esophagus to the colon, a variety of problems may occur.

As a matter of fact, it’s likely that you may have a common digestive disorder and not even be aware of it. For instance, you probably might think a problem like heartburn isn’t associated with digestive problems. However, that’s far from the truth! That is a digestive problem in itself, and should be addressed immediately, if it occurs too often.

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease, gastrointestinal infections, pancreatitis, chronic constipation, diverticular disease, gastroesophageal reflux disease, liver disease, gallstones, abdominal wall hernia, peptic ulcer disease, and viral hepatitis C are the most common digestive disorders in the US, with mortalities amounting to hundreds and thousands annually.

Learn-How-To-Treat-Yourself-DVD-510Some other noteworthy digestive disorders include food intolerances, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, ulcerative colitis and irritable bowel syndrome, all of which cause distress to your digestive system as well. Effective prevention of these digestive disorders requires you to be aware of them and learn how to avoid them.

This is exactly where me, and my DVD “Learn How to Treat Yourself – Digestion and Digestive Disorders” can help you. The DVD includes up-to-date research articles and variety of other information to help you battle digestive disorders. I would encourage you to get a hold of my DVD to access more information on this topic.

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Common Digestive Disorders That Kill
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Common Digestive Disorders That Kill
Digestive Disorders are one of the most expensive health complaints in the US today. Effective prevention of these digestive disorders requires you to be aware of them and learn how to avoid them.