The Naturopathic Doctor’s Approach to Chronic Degenerative Disease


Hello, I’m Steve Hines and I am a Naturopathic Doctor, Naturopathic Endocrinologist and Master Herbalist. I lecture and teach on many health related topics to professionals in the field of medicine as well as to lay people. Naturopathic doctor is a term that’s not very familiar to most people. So let me explain what Naturopathic doctors do compared to conventional medical doctors. Naturopathic doctors help people to restore health by treating the underlying cause of the disease. This is how Naturopaths differ from conventional Western medicine or allopathic medicine. We are not trying to simply give symptomatic relief, but search to discover why a person has the symptoms they are experiencing.

By way of explanation, I want to share an excerpt from my seminar in Del Rio, Texas on digestion. “Conventionally trained physicians are trained in all of the “ologies,” gastroenterology, neurology, pulmonology, cardiology, etc. They are taught body systems, chemistry structure and function with the ultimate end to find out what prescription they can give you to take care of your symptoms. Now in Naturopathic medicine, we have an entirely different perspective. We are not so concerned with treating symptoms because to a Naturopath, the symptoms to us are like detectives needing evidence. Symptoms help us figure out what really is causing the problem.”


Let me give you a “for instance.” Say a patient has a knee that’s hurting and they are in excruciating pain. They go to a conventional doctor and he might say, ‘well we can give you some cortisone injections because your knee hurts, or we might give you some sort of a pill that will help numb the pain. Maybe you need to take some Tylenol or Aleve or something like that to treat the pain.’ The Naturopath would actually seek to discover what is causing the pain. Maybe it’s that your eating foods that you’re allergic to and that’s causing an adrenal response and because there are a great number of adrenal receptors in the synovial membranes (found between the joints) they can simply be irritated because of the foods we eat. If there was bone on bone contact the Naturopath might say, well let’s take some chondroitin sulfates, some glucosamine, some msm. Let’s help to regenerate that cartilage that’s missing so the bone is not rubbing on the other bone. So you see, it’s definitely a different perspective. We’re looking for causes, we like to treat the causes rather then treat the symptoms because ultimately, symptomatic treatment is not going to be long lasting.”

I look forward to sharing much more information with you. Increasing numbers of people are becoming empowered with knowledge which allows them to make informed decisions regarding their own health and to regain greater vital energy, health, well-being and becoming finally symptomatic free. Get more information about digestion and digestive disorders from our DVD’s or book: https://chronicdegenerativedisease.com


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Becoming Empowered with Chronic Degenerative Disease
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Becoming Empowered with Chronic Degenerative Disease
Steve Hines is a Naturopathic Doctor aiding in the underlying cause of Chronic Degenerative Disease. Symptoms help us figure out what really is causing Chronic Degenerative Disease.