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Naturopathic doctors can help with the underlying cause of disease. Dr. Steve Hines shares his knowledge about Chronic Degenerative Disease, Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Cancer so that individuals become informed and live healthy lives. He offers DVDs and Books that contain valuable information about Digestive Disorders and Chronic Illnesses aiding in optimal health.



Hope Wellness Center specializes in the use of natural agents and treatments to enhance the body’s ability to heal itself. When your body is well nourished, highly oxygenated, eliminating waste properly and has toxins and infections removed, it is amazing how well it can repair and regenerate health.

Dr. Steve Hines

Dr. Steve Hines

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Steve Hines is a naturopathic doctor, naturopathic endocrinologist, and a master herbalist. He has been practicing naturopathy since 1995 and is currently working on a book, Gastrointestinal Diseases. Dr. Hines has more than 12,000 hours of training in nutritional bio-chemistry, anatomy, and physiology. His deductive reasoning skills prove invaluable to his patients. Dr. Hines is the co-founder of Hope Wellness Center – Treatment Facility in Ciudad Acuna Mexico.

An Intro To Chronic Degenerative Disease – Physician Education Series -Available in Blu-ray only


This HOPE Wellness Center Physician Education Series disc contains lectures, talks from industry leading doctors, educators and speakers, including: Steven W. Hines, Naturopath, CTTH (Hope Wellness Center), Dr. Paul G. Wilke, DDS (Wilke Dental), Shelia Hemphill (Help Yourself Wellness Shop), Coleman Hemphill (Catalyst Solutions), and Dr. Johnny R. Stanley, DDS Dr. Logan H. Stanley, DDS (Stanley Dental) and Dr. Donald Dennis, MD. FACS (Sinusitis Wellness)

Disc 1 Includes:

Session 1 – Intro To Degenerative Disease
Session 2 – Infection – Part 1
Session 3 – Infection – Part 2 (Herxheimer Reaction)
Session 4 – Nutrition And Gastrointestinal Issues
Session 5 – Detoxification (Functional Testing)
Session 6 – Natural Hormone Repair

Disc 2 Includes:
Session 7 – Thyroid Challenge (Evaluation & Mgmt)
Session 8 – Beneficial And Harmful Effects of Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMF)
Session 9 – Biologic Dentistry
Session 10 – Dentistry And Systematic Health: An Integrative Approach
Session 11 – Mycotoxicosis Treatment

Learn How to Treat Yourself – Digestion & Digestive Disorders – Dr. Steven Hines


A major portion of the immune system is located in the digestive tract. Therefore, a healthy digestive tract can result in a healthy individual. At a digestion seminar in Del Rio, Texas, Steve Hines N.D., N.E., offers his knowledge on the nurturing of a healthy digestive system, from the mouth to the colon. Dr. Hines also addresses the importance of eliminating toxic foods from the diet to relieve the digestive tract, liberating energy to be used by the immune system. The DVD includes a comprehensive, up-to-date resource section, including articles, books, web sites, and laboratories.


DISC Includes :

  • Liver and gallbladder detoxification
  • Colon detoxification
  • Digestive supplement
  • Regulating stomach acids levels
  • Testing for pathogens
  • Up-to-date research articles

The Road to Health

Overcoming Chronic Illness through Nutrition

Are you battling a Chronic Illness?

As a survivor and conqueror of Lyme disease, Laura Schroeder shares how she overcame chronic illness through the healing power of nutrition. The focus of The Road to Health is to heal your body through something everyone likes – food. This book encourages readers to establish healthy eating lifestyles that result in physical healing. Schroeder presents information regarding the basics of nutrition in a practical, easy-to-understand fashion. She also shared advice for the social, emotional, and spiritual battles people face when fighting disease. Schroeder’s light-hearted, open and honest approach to sharing her story helps people see that they are not alone on their road to health.

The Road to Health features:

  • The Modified Specific Carbohydrate Diet by Steven W. Hines
  • Testimonies of how others overcame illness through food
  • Delicious recipes for main courses, side dishes and desserts
  • Two-week meal plan
  • Helpful products and websites


Information About Chronic Degenerative Disease

Dr. Steve Hines Shares a Molten Chocolate Cake Recipe

Dr. Steve Hines Shares a Molten Chocolate Cake Recipe

Dr.Steve Hines Says to Take Food Seriously – Renew your mind and take food seriously. Realize the healing power of food, embrace it, and receive it. Most people don’t realize they have unnatural food associations until they try to go without them.

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Chronic Illness, The Secret is in Your Gut!

Chronic Illness, The Secret is in Your Gut!

A recent study of Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis patients’ stools showed after DNA sequencing their stool compared to healthy controls showed a common short-coming. The Crohn’s and Ulcerative colitis stool samples were missing a whole species of important flora.

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Still Enjoy Pizza While Facing Chronic Illness

Still Enjoy Pizza While Facing Chronic Illness

When your body becomes incapable of healing itself, dreadful maladies such as cancer, ALS, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and the like begin to take control. Better health is possible while still enjoying food when facing Chronic Illness. Dr.Steve Hines shares recipes that are healthy and delicious.

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After only one month of following Dr. Hines’ recommendations of natural vitamins, herbs, minerals, liver cleanses, and a healthy diet, I began to feel like a new man. After only two months, my strength returned, the shooting pains stopped, my body aches ceased, my blood pressure dropped, the depression left, and my sleep pattern went back to normal. I am thankful that God has many ways of healing.

Jack Ruth of Brownwood, Texas


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